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Five Best Practices for Starting Your Own Tax Business (Tip 4)

Five Best Practices for Starting Your Own Tax Business (Tip 4)

Choose the right location

Ultimately, no local retail consumer business can prosper without a sufficient local population of prospective consumers to draw from.  If you operate a true mass-market tax service, all taxpayers are prospective clients however, not every person in the population count is a taxpayer. The IRS compiles statistics on numbers and types of all tax returns filed from each zip code. SwiftFP is also a great source of demographic information broken down geographically (by zip code) and provided to their clients at no additional cost. You can also contact your local Chamber of Commerce for assistance in site selection.

In addition to a population to draw from, you should consider the following factors:

  • Are there any physical or psychological barriers at this location?
  • Where are you in proximity to your competitors?
  • Is the demographic of the location changing? What are the future trends?
  • Is there pedestrian traffic?
  • Is the space visible from the street with the speed of traffic flow?

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