Renovate your company image. Do you have a logo that looks professional and is appealing to your target market? Do you have a professional website? Do you have crisp, informative and professionally appealing brochures, contracts, forms and business stationery? Clients respond well to good graphics and a professional presentation. If you spend money on anything, you should spend it on having a professional graphic artist create a corporate identity package for you, which includes logo, business cards, letterhead and color palette. The cost should be somewhere between $1,000 (suburbs and small towns) and $5,000 (major cities) depending on where you are located.

I personally recommend working with JPS PRINT.  JPS is committed to innovative products and service offerings at cost-effective solutions to clients, while maintaining a high level of quality and customer service.  Their customers range from the everyday entrepreneurs, to small and medium size businesses who do not have full-time in-house marketing personnel. Many rely on JPS Print to offer solutions to jump start their venture or grow their business.