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Market Niche Visibility

Market Niche Visibility

Market niche visibility is about placing your business in front of potential customers. In the branding post prior to this, you identified your target market, such as those who speak Arabic in Eastern Michigan with large families. You are familiar with many of the cultural rules and tax laws that affect this group. You have developed marketing material specifically for this group of people, such as business cards in Arabic, that describes how they can have their taxes prepared and filed to receive the highest legal tax refund possible from someone trusted in the community.

There are numerous ways to improve niche market visibility, such as Social Media (Facebook, Youtube), attending local events where this group congregates, billboards, advertising in local Arabic publications, and advertising in Arabic programming on TV. Be creative, time efficient and cost-effective. At the end of the day, you want to find time- and cost-effective ways to get your services in front of target customers.

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